Big Fish in a Little Tank

KNOW YOUR WORTH… and don’t let ANYONE make you feel bad about it. I spent many years dumbing myself down, settling for less, not speaking up, taking the back seat, bringing a lot to the table but getting littl to NOTHING in return. 
People will treat you how you let them do you have to train them how to treat you. I don’t know why some of us feel so bad about ourselves that we become the victim of circumstances in many circles and seasons of our life. Perhaps it’s internally ingrained from childhood or adult experiences. Maybe from the company we keep. Or simply ignorance due to our lack of exposure to more. 

During my second trip to Africa I sat next to a gentleman who said to me. “You are a BIG fish in a small tank and you don’t even know it.” He proceeded to paint the picture until he finally ended with, ” Can you imagine a great white shark growing in a living room fish aquarium?” It will stay because it will adapt to its environmental, but put that same shark in an ocean and watch it’s full potential grow, his life expand and it’s true nature flourish.” 
I’ve never forgotten that analogy and during my years since I’ve come to understand both the blessing and casualties of my worth. In the face of others insecurities It comes with a fight to stand flat footed without waiving. When you’re berated, rejected, misrepresented, or compared. However in the realty and company of like minded folk one can swim easily and navigate effortlessly through the ocean’s grandeur because it’s large enough to accommodate many big fish, Sharks, dolphins, each swimming at their own pace, doing their own thing. 
Know your WORTH!!! Live into it. Grow, expand and explore. Surround yourself with those who can and will love your uniqueness without beating you up for it. Be who you are and who God has called you to be without apologies or shame.
Get out of the living room fish tank, you’re only an odd fish swimming around in circles, bumping your nose on the glass because deep within YOU KNOW there is so much more to life, more in you than what you’re currently experiencing. 
Some will celebrate you. Others will leave you. Many may not understand your new plan or way of living. Rest assure there will be some, who will defiantly embrace you and say, “Thank you” for finally stepping in and accepting your worth. 


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