Enemy-Stranger So Close

I thought I knew a person I once called friend. 

I soon realized to know a person one must walk all types of paths. 

The traveling journey becomes tedious and tumultuous when the paths are going in separate ways. 

The friend I thought I  knew was ever so close but always really far. 

As the journey continued,

Many hills and valleys exposed the deceptive spaces that gripped the soul and heart of my friend. 

Those fraudulent areas demanded a decision to explore separate paths.

Communication ceased and confrontation took up residence.

Attacks and assaults became common place

Peculiar forms of abuse surfaced, things I never knew could exist.

Then when the friend chose to walk way and good space was created.

Focused purposeful living, joy and peace  walked back into my space. 

I was able to see much clearer, that the person wasn’t a friend at all

But a really dark enemy-stranger, connected way too close. 


Sigh of relief, all confusion ceased. I could now think.

Exhale! Release! Forgive! Regroup!


A divine supernatural friend invited me to explore a new path as well.

This friend reached out, picked me up from the muck and miry clay,  took my hand and said,

“I know you don’t understand, Trust me, I’ll lead and guide you

The pain will go away, I’ll heal your scars, you can hold your head up, my child, for I am with you. I will never leave your side.

I have a plan that includes green pastures, still waters. 

You no longer have to settle for this dry parched land.”

So now the journey continues with a friend who 

Right from the start showed me every part of the heart.

In a open book, personalized for every one of my thoughts!

A genuine smile begin to grow on my face. 

In a few weeks it literally took the place of  the great disappointment and massive grief

of this enemy-stranger, posed as friend, who wiggled his way in too close. 

The stranger who tried to destroy me and poison my soul!!!!


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