It’s all about Love

I’m more loving these days. You see it’s intentional. I’ve come to grips that when you have a person who really loves you don’t take them for granted. 

Having my daughter helped me to open my heart again. So much pain had closed it off and honestly I’d shut most everyone out. 

Naw you wouldn’t have been able to tell it because I masters the mask so well. Being cordial and courteous was apart of my upbringing.

Then my mom died. I lost her. She told me many days, open up “Ge” just do it. She even wanted me to have a child, saying that would break my heart of stone.

Who knew she was so right. I’m so open and free. Love is really apart of me and it’s so genuine it set me free. 

I’m grateful beyond measure. I’ve forgiven so many it doesn’t even matter. I’m friends with more than books, leaves and trees. 

Love is transformative. It has tremendous power to altar and change any situation. I’m unhinged now to spread it everywhere I go and to everyone I meet.

Thank you God! Thank you Mom. Thank you daughter for rescuing me. 


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