Wake Up Happy

I’m a firm believer you should go to bed peaceful and wake up happy. 
The older I get the wiser I become in my everyday living. Becoming a mother changed my tolerance for the things in my world that didn’t bring me joy. As I peered into innocent helpless eyes, waiting for me to step up and guide. My approach to work, relationships, health and legacy dramatically shifted. 
I’m no longer bound and enslaved to systems and people I allowed to define my self worth. I’m doing the hard work of living without limits within the boundaries of what’s best for me. 
” Self preservation is the first law of nature”. Starting October 2013-2014, An older woman quoted that to me almost daily for one solid year. I’m convinced today she was speaking life into me. Maybe I’m a slow learner as it relates to taking care of me but I finally got it.
Slowly but surely the excess weight in my world is shedding. (Literally and figuratively.) With each new switch I’m becoming more peaceful and discovering the beauty of my being, this life, God, and creation. My sense of purpose is heightened at the core of my beliefs and true passion. I am excited to explore the world of new opportunities and adventure. 
Simplicity is stripping the security of my world. I’m learning, perhaps I may have to give it ALL UP, start from scratch and then rebuild. One step at a time. One day at a time. One decision at a time. But for now, right now today, with each follow up and follow through…
I wake up happy! 


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