Determine to WIN

Yesterday’s decisions gave me hope for the healing my life. It was such a good day!! I AM SO GRATEFUL walking this journey of focused faith in action. 

My Decisions of Change:

Clean eating (Health)

Doctor visit (Walk-In)

Worked Smarter (ditched the super woman syndrome)

Connected with an old associated ( laughter & joy)

Saw my counselor (Self Care)

Poured into my family (Took the time to invest beyond)

Rocked my baby to sleep (Bonding)

Did a portion of house work ( Responsibily)

Prayed, meditated started my day off with God (Ordering my private world)

Talked to a real friend ( Relationships matter)

Took care of some personal business to fuel my passion ( Goals and Action)

Set boundaries in a toxic round of communication (Confident Drcisions)

Listened to two of my elders (Wisdom)

Connected with my Soror of wisdom ( Transparency)

Exercised on the steps ( Body)

Not all in that order but I got it ALL in ONE DECISION at a time

Staying this consistent will yield the desired results!

This morning… I’m starting it all over again



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