The Journey Inward

When I first started this blog I named it the Journey Inward. I spent a lot of time doing self help work and listening to my life. It was beneficial and helpful at the time.

This morning, well, over the past few months I have found myself right back at that place. Primarily because all I have is time now with my days filled with rearranging bed and body pillows to stay comfortable. Hopefully, I’ll be released in a few weeks but for now I’m following the doctors orders so in a few months I’ll be able to meet the precious addition to our family.

The journey continues, this time mixed with a  myriad of emotions, feelings and uncertainties. I have lost all ability to cry. I no longer sigh. I sit, wonder, pray, today I colored. Depression is trying to find an entry way but I’ve fought it with scripture, showers, good scents, clean bed linen.( Think I’ll order a new higher thread count) and meditation.

As I colored, I asked myself questions. What brings you peace, how do you cope best, what are proven methods? WRITING is a so cathartic for me. It’s an outlet. It comes up and out, then I exhale. So….. I decided to pick this blog back up. Go inward, go deeper and flush out this season through my fingers. See what we all discover as I uncover the locked crevices in my heart, mind and psyche. I’m expecting great discoveries on this quest.

Thus……the journey continues….. Through Gewanda’s Eyes.IMG_6060


2 thoughts on “The Journey Inward

  1. awesome. writing…is…cathartic. it’s..ecstatic. it’s…gut wrenching. it’ filled. it’s all those, and so much more. for me, putting things on paper takes it out and away from the ME, and puts it where I can view and think about things dispassionately. write, and write some more!

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