Older Mothers

For the many ladies who contact me privately about their journey, hopes, fears, frustration of wanting to be a mom or mothering in their 40’s. Be encouraged!!! Don’t give up!!!! 

Mothering has a new look! It looks like those who have lived full lives then decided to build a family, those who have suffered infertility and God gives them a miracle, those who have survived health issues and the healing allowed them to be a mother, those who are professionals, homemakers, homesteaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, singers, doctors, teachers, pastors, friends, daughters, aunts, godparents etc… Women from all walks of life but with one thing in common, forty and beyond. The movement that’s becoming more of a reality is mothers are having healthy, beautiful children later in life and loving it.
“We are forty and fabulously mothering the next generation.”
This movement is birth from my own story, simply put, I WAITED. Some call it selfish and others call it a miracle. I call it a blessing. God allowed me to become a first time mother well into my forties. What I thought was a simple act of faith proved to have a major impact on other ladies with the same desire, struggles and hope whom we connect in a deeper level.

We inspire hope, break the stigma, defy the odds and build families famously sometimes with just two. Whatever the case, we are happy, loving mothers rocking it in our forties and beyond. If you are a woman desiring a family, don’t give up, there is hope for you!!!

Amazing when God says,”Trust me,” you do and then God blows your mind!!! So Thankful!


One thought on “Older Mothers

  1. “Don’t give up” I definitely need to hear that time and time again. Having 2 failed IVF’S and getting ready to start my 3rd cycle soon, it’s been so discouraging. I can’t help this feeling of being a broken woman because I have not been able to conceive even with help. Please keep me in your prayers sister.


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