Living IT Now

“Peace is you POSITION of Power.” ~ Gewanda J. Parker

I have been through some profound and emotionally and physically taxing experiences recently — being on total bed rest with a high risk pregnancy and having to put my career on hold, raising a two year old, soul searching, overcoming huge obstacles and deciding to change the course of my approach to life — I came back to my life, and sat back and thought to myself, “This is what life is about, and I’m going to start LIVING IT NOW!”

It was then that I realized that taking ownership of my life and keeping my faith as my compass also meant I had the power to change it. The more I turned my thoughts to positivity and success rather than to mental and physical exhaustion and defeat, the more I discovered about what I want. I had to face the things I didn’t want to face in order to create a roadmap for myself.

That is the thing about life: It gets hard. Things go awry. You fall out of pace with your own life.

Then I remembered a question someone once asked me:

“What if life didn’t happen to you, it happened for you?”

What if I examined all of the things that had happened “to” me and saw where it had led me? What if I realized there was a purpose for every circumstance of difficulty, struggle, pain and trauma? How would my perspective change if I realized my quality of life is directly related to my reactions?

Would I stop and appreciate these moments of darkness, if I realized they are necessary to guide me to the light in my life?

With a change in focus, it is 100% possible to change your life.

I pray that you will join me in my journey of Living It Now. You will be able to log on and find positive reinforcement to uplift your spirits. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? A positive outlet where you can see that you are not alone in this crazy thing called life. You will be able to share your own experiences as well – together we are stronger.

If I can leave you with one bit of advice today it would be to create a vision for yourself and your life, and use the opportunities that come when life throws you a curve ball to review your goals and dreams and start Living It Now.


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