Mothering for Free

A mothers job is never over. In this season I choose to switch the term from job to commitment fueled by unconditional love.

My 10 month old screamed out, I heard her from her room. I listened to see what type scream, then it turned to small whimpers. I knew she only needed some love and tender touches.

Awaken by the sound, my 3 year old jumped up to got to potty. Then asked to sleep in Mommy’s bed.

Hour later, the baby is sleeping soundly and the toddler nestled in my embrace but Mommy is wide awake.

It occurred to me, these moments, days, years will one day come to an end. When they do, how will I remember them?

You see a job, is filled with deadlines, timelines, the common thread to make the system work as planned or needed. Those common spaces are occupied by different people from various walks of life who can be replaced at any moment by the next skill set and tight temperament. Love is not the priority or even on the agenda. At the end of a set time the exchange you receive for showing up and producing is monetary and sometimes, maybe a pat on the back before being sent on your merry way.

Mothering is different; it’s rewarding and fulfilling while changing a poopy because you’re able to catch small giggles from making funny faces. It’s the pride you feel when manners are demonstrated after months of reinforcing expectations. It’s the calm you get when you see them finally resting in peace.

The joy keeps flowing in ways yiu don’t expect and although physical exhaustion may sometimes creep up on you, it never leaves you feeling used, mishandled, not appropriated or not valued.

It’s the greatest investment you could give to yourself as you love and give selflessly to your offsprings. The returns keep coming back to you, day after day, month after month and years to come.

And it’s the most simplest yet profound repayment. Smiles on your face, joy in your heart and this incredible strength and grace to consistently do it all over again day after day.




One thought on “Mothering for Free

  1. Hello Beloved,
    I hope you are journaling these experiences and feelings. This need this should be share in your next book. This is a generational piece. You have a gift. You told me to write my nuggets and now I will tell you the same. I am a teacher not a writer. I need a writer to work with me. I love this piece.


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