Changing of The Guards

While today is a celebration for many it’s a dark day for others. Let’s not forget to pray for those who have been affected by their own belief systems. We must accept perception is REALITY and our country has many perceptions operating at the same time.

Remember slave owners quoted the Bible and really believed they were doing God’s will all while oppressing, raping, violently beating, separating families, and refusing to see humans as humans but called them dogs. Remember grown mean screaming, cursing and yelling ENRAGED at a little 6 year old black girl simply trying to go into a school building to get the same education as their children and grandchildren. Remember just a few months back, PEACEFUL protestors being labeled as “animalistic mobs” yet what the world witnessed on January 6 a real mob, scaling walls, beating law officers with fire extinguishers, flag polls and trying to KILL THE VICE PRESIDENT because he refused to break the law.

NOT ALL WILL CELEBRATE THIS DAY… and not all who are grieving even falls into this category because we can’t CLUMP ALL INTO ONE and label them just because of association with a common ideology.

There are many TRUE REPUBLICANS, I mean those that only stand for conservative values without all the vileness we’ve experienced who are equally troubled abd sadden by these events that have tainted the party.

While it seems just easier to look the other way and have family discussion around the table or in private clubs, groups and associations where you can still enter the world unscathed or untouched.

I’ve often wondered what it would look and feel like to just have a few folks I know TRADE LIVES for a day, week etc…. One thing for me is I’ve been on ALL SIDES… ALL SIDES living with privilege having lobster and steak for dinner, going to my plush room, weekly trips to Albertsons allowed to try exotic foods just because I thought it looked nice. My chores were to set the timer for the automatic cleaner to scale the pool, fold the dinner napkins to set the table and change all the bottom sheets for the rest of the foster care kids. Being well spoken, cultured and compliant gave me a stable seat at the dinner table, rides to malls, family outings I was one of the “good” ones who were long term.

Then I’ve been where rats played football in the ceiling and you were afraid to get up and go to the restroom at night. I had to boil the water to take a hot bath, brush my teeth with salt, baking soda for my underarms and use a sheet on a string as the bathroom door. Borrowing sugar was comman place because you took a stick of butter next door for the exchange.

I also remember working/playing in the Orange groves, running under the trees looking for crab spiders, eating cold chicken and mayo sandwiches for our lunch break getting a swig of cold ice water from the keg was a treat. I learned how to find a good safe spot to squat and pee while while hiding from perverts. I remember riding the grove bus with people speaking all different languages. Oh the stories that reside in my world that makes me understanding both the joy and pain of this day for people groups IN GENERAL.

I know poverty all too well and can see why some folks who will do right by a stimulus check are waiting by the mailbox in anticipation. I also understand the shock, disbelief and frustration of watching FB post of those NOT WORKING but receiving regular government assistance spending the checks on crab boils, hair extensions, new phones, partying but can’t/ won’t pay a light bill, save or invest or even buy their children school supplies.

However, today I choose to exhale… we have survived. Many I’m sure are suffering from undiagnosed PTSD from the trauma that most can’t fully articulate about the constant barrage of “BREAKING NEWS” followed by another SOMETHING that left us with our mouths wide open in disbelief.

We have surely had our own Jamestown experience here in America. So many drank the koolaid and are left with a very sad reality.

I am also praying for the changing of The Guards, the memorial service last night made it all come together, it was so surreal and touching. For sure these are different times but there is hope for healing and a new day.

This should have been a blog post…


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