Know Your Worth

Know your WORTH!
If you never say anything and keep ALLOWING it, whatever the IT is, they will keep on doing IT.

If you keep TAKING it and making excuses for others, they will keep on dishing it without any regard, remorse or care.

If you remain passive, calm and docile for the sake of keeping peace, they will continue to mistreat and discount you and enjoy hurting you.

Resist the need to explain YOUR change. Speak up for yourself with action steps without ever having to use words. Stand in your truth. Hold on dear to YOU. If they walk away, count it a blessing, because you just freed yourself by finally choosing YOU!


One thought on “Know Your Worth

  1. Amen! I am a witness that remaining passive does not keep peace, but allows toxic behavior to continue. It’s liberating to stand up for oneself!
    Thanks for sharing your post!


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