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Why do that to yourself? You know deep within you don’t fit. Stop seeking validation from those who have clearly shown you where you stand with them.

Those who hate you without cause. Those who mistreat you because you let them. Those who despise your very appearance and presence. Those who ignore you on purpose. Those who scandalize your name because of their own disdain.

Yet you sit, hoping one day they’ll say okay it’s not you, it’s me. I learned from a wise lady, there are 2 kind of people in this world. Those who like you and those who don’t. So BE FREE!!!

Wake up! It won’t happen. Brush the sand from your feet and move on there are scores of those others just waiting with open arms. to receive you. Those desiring your company, your time, your attention, anticipating your phone call instead of sending it to voicemail . Why waste another minute?

Truth be told you feel the same way too… they’re just skilled at hurting you because you choose to remain the peacemaker for the sake of Christian behavior.

News alert!!!! God never called you/us to take abuse or mistreatment to elevate Godself in your life. Never think it’s okay to be mistreated in any way, in any situation public or private, at home or in the streets, on your job or in the church, in your family or in your friendships, on a screen or in a DM.

Make TODAY the day you stopped all the nonsense and declared. My past has passed and I’m Free!!!



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