Know Your Worth

Know your WORTH!If you never say anything and keep ALLOWING it, whatever the IT is, they will keep on doing IT. If you keep TAKING it and making excuses for others, they will keep on dishing it without any regard, remorse or care. If you remain passive, calm and docile for the sake of keeping … More Know Your Worth

Renaissance of Self

Never a copycat only an original! I began to live more authentically when I changed my focus and turned away from others and directed it toward me. Quite honestly, I thought I HAD to do this or that. Fit into one group or another to be considered successful or “IN THE KNOW” Hogwash, not necessarily … More Renaissance of Self

The “N” Word

Well… I applaud Paula Deen for her ATTEMPT to apologize. I also applaud the network for making a bold statement by releasing her. I disagree with the publicity because she is who she is and GOT EXPOSED. Unfortunately this is the sentiments of many around us in EVERY RACE against OTHER races. How many of … More The “N” Word