Enemy-Stranger So Close

I thought I knew a person I once called friend.  I soon realized to know a person one must walk all types of paths.  The traveling journey becomes tedious and tumultuous when the paths are going in separate ways.  The friend I thought I  knew was ever so close but always really far.  As the … More Enemy-Stranger So Close



Make the people who come in contact with you feel better some kind of way. SMILE GIVE A COMPLIMENT OFFER ASSISTANCE CALL THEM BY NAME HOLD A CONVERSATION GIVE A TOUCH LISTEN Just DO SOMETHING NICE… You’ll see life through different lenses!!!

Support For Me

So….. I have a few people who really believe in me….. And show it!!! Not just say it!! You know, it makes a big difference when you are on a mission for your life, destiny and purpose! Pondering’s: it’s vital for one to surround themselves with healthy people who will help push them forward! Thank … More Support For Me

Goodbye and Hello

I have an old friend who reentered my life after about 15 years, we both approached this season with the anticipation, glee and zeal of the last season we experienced. What I found is that a lot had changed in those years and you can’t build on something new if you don’t say good bye to the … More Goodbye and Hello