Today I learned a hard lesson I will remember for the rest of my life. Last evening I changed my mind 3 times about going to see my dear friend who was terminal from a one month shy of a 4-year cancer battle. My plans were to wait and go today at 4: OO.  But … More TOMORROW (today) WAS TOO LATE: I’M TOTALLY DEVASTATED


Digging Deeper!

People are blessings, don’t take them for granted. Vocations are Opportunities. Relationships take work and forgiveness. Time is a gift, you never will get a re-do for today. Talent carries responsiblity, be faithful. Closure is needed before you can truly move forward. Truth is sweeter when clothed in love. And……God keeps His Promises every single … More Digging Deeper!


  I kept asking questions of things and situations I just couldn’t understand.. It really all involved a few personal situations with people I knew or had dealings with….  I pondered the matters over and over and over again… things did not add up or I just couldn’t put my finger on it… Then I stopped… I  took  … More The HEARTS


About a month ago… I couldn’t say this… Its been a journey….IF YOU ONLY KNEW THE STRUGGLE ….(got to buy the book to get the full story) BUT TODAY….I’m taking inventory of the blessings of God…. Just left the massage parlor and now I’m sitting here eating one of my favorites…(ice cream and hot brownie) … More LOVING MY LIFE