It’s all about Love

I’m more loving these days. You see it’s intentional. I’ve come to grips that when you have a person who really loves you don’t take them for granted.  Having my daughter helped me to open my heart again. So much pain had closed it off and honestly I’d shut most everyone out.  Naw you wouldn’t … More It’s all about Love


My Special Man

He greets me upon arrival… He sits at my feet…. He’s extremely protective…. Would lick my cheek if I let him…. He cries when I walk out the door…. He whines when I close any inside door… He sleeps on my side of the bed… Wouldn’t hesitate to have my pillow beneath his head…. This … More My Special Man


I recently, VERY RECENTLY, like last week…. Had to come to grips with a few things. 1. Some folks I genuinely love… Don’t love me the way I love them. But we will remain in friendship my position just had to change. 2. Realizing some love you when you can do for them…. But once … More LOVE TRUTHS

Kung-Fu Panda

What matters most is how you treat others. People simply want to know you love them, that you are concerned about them and that they matter to you. It’s imperative to see this  at the time they are seeking your attention. It communicates a sense of care and kindness. I learned some of this with a student last year who … More Kung-Fu Panda

Goodbye and Hello

I have an old friend who reentered my life after about 15 years, we both approached this season with the anticipation, glee and zeal of the last season we experienced. What I found is that a lot had changed in those years and you can’t build on something new if you don’t say good bye to the … More Goodbye and Hello