Time to give back??? Time to stop taking? I heard that there were only two types of people. The Givers and The Takers. You’ll know which category you fall in by what you do? If your hand is always out for me, mine, ours, etc then you’re a taker. In contrast if your time, talent, … More GIVE Myself AWAY


Just thinking through some People lessons I’ve learned along my journey….   Hurt people hurt people… Narcissistic are possessive… Co-dependents are needy… Victims are Manipulators… Climbers are Users… Insecure are Jealous…. Attention Seekers are Selfish… Unstable are Fickle… Non-Committed are Unreliable… Self-Absorbed will put you last everytime…. Fakers are not loyal… Gossipers know all the … More PEOPLE NOTES

Living with others but in Your Own Space

This morning I was intentionally focused to do some deeper self-discovery. Over the past week I relished in the success and manifestation of God’s blessing on the women at the Being Made Whole Conference. The feedback and the response was incredible and equally humbling. I am still receiving calls, cards, notes, thank you’s and even request to … More Living with others but in Your Own Space

Support For Me

So….. I have a few people who really believe in me….. And show it!!! Not just say it!! You know, it makes a big difference when you are on a mission for your life, destiny and purpose! Pondering’s: it’s vital for one to surround themselves with healthy people who will help push them forward! Thank … More Support For Me


Thanks to all of you for  the many birthday wishes, text, calls, gifts and personal time spent on my special day. I am still overwhelmed with the amount of love shown to me yesterday.  With over 300 birthday wishes in some form or another I am astonished and  grateful to the magnitude of life God has … More ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!