Singleness always pops in my mind on 2/22. Today I’m thinking….. Yes.. I really could have the ring/name change/warmth in bed.. But none of that would be God’s best!!! My Father wouldn’t give me a lying DECEIVER with no integrity. Not a MAN who would just follow me to church but doesn’t want to lead me … More PURE FUN



I know of a lady, someone I know through another person. I know of her struggle in life. She had a lot of challenges and as a result she still suffers a great deal. I really would love to meet this young lady one day, simply because of the level of intimacy she is exposing … More Intimacy

Full of Lies

I may get nailed on this one but oh well….I want some feedback to help me understand some of what I don’t…..and why?? More so perplexed at the scheming…never had to deal with something like this on this scale….. There is a gentleman trying to gain my attention, what he doesn’t fully realize is that I’m very … More Full of Lies

Digging Deeper!

People are blessings, don’t take them for granted. Vocations are Opportunities. Relationships take work and forgiveness. Time is a gift, you never will get a re-do for today. Talent carries responsiblity, be faithful. Closure is needed before you can truly move forward. Truth is sweeter when clothed in love. And……God keeps His Promises every single … More Digging Deeper!

Goodbye and Hello

I have an old friend who reentered my life after about 15 years, we both approached this season with the anticipation, glee and zeal of the last season we experienced. What I found is that a lot had changed in those years and you can’t build on something new if you don’t say good bye to the … More Goodbye and Hello


Last Saturday I freaked out on a few people. All of whom I love very deeply…instead of my just coming out and divulging the inner thoughts, I projected and tripped! One was very mature, the other, well…. still sulking. I apologized to them both by the end of the day and revealed my sincere feelings and thoughts….I … More Apology