Well I’m relaxing/writing ALL week. I need these days to sit and refresh myself. The man is doing his world and I’m just here tagging alone for the ride. I’m trying to strike a deal with him to let me visit the hotel masseuse…….since I’m by myself… I said, you can feed me one meal … More DAYS OF RENEWAL



A few years ago in Seminary we were instructed to have a SABBATH. A Sabbath is a day of rest and rejuvenation. It’s taken from the book of Genesis and the creation story. On the 7th day God rested. At the time I was teaching school, in full swing with the girls mentoring program. I … More SABBATH REST


About a month ago… I couldn’t say this… Its been a journey….IF YOU ONLY KNEW THE STRUGGLE ….(got to buy the book to get the full story) BUT TODAY….I’m taking inventory of the blessings of God…. Just left the massage parlor and now I’m sitting here eating one of my favorites…(ice cream and hot brownie) … More LOVING MY LIFE