It’s all about Love

I’m more loving these days. You see it’s intentional. I’ve come to grips that when you have a person who really loves you don’t take them for granted.  Having my daughter helped me to open my heart again. So much pain had closed it off and honestly I’d shut most everyone out.  Naw you wouldn’t … More It’s all about Love


Tears of Rejection

Despondent baby elephant weeps for hours after mom gives birth, then attacks him at game preserve in China. I know this is rare but I think I cried a few hours myself after reading this article about baby weeping for five hours after it’s mother rejected him. I think my tears came from the same … More Tears of Rejection


Singleness always pops in my mind on 2/22. Today I’m thinking….. Yes.. I really could have the ring/name change/warmth in bed.. But none of that would be God’s best!!! My Father wouldn’t give me a lying DECEIVER with no integrity. Not a┬áMAN who would just follow me to church but doesn’t want to lead me … More PURE FUN