Determine to WIN

Yesterday’s decisions gave me hope for the healing my life. It was such a good day!! I AM SO GRATEFUL walking this journey of focused faith in action.  My Decisions of Change: Clean eating (Health) Doctor visit (Walk-In) Worked Smarter (ditched the super woman syndrome) Connected with an old associated ( laughter & joy) Saw … More Determine to WIN

Wake Up Happy

I’m a firm believer you should go to bed peaceful and wake up happy.  The older I get the wiser I become in my everyday living. Becoming a mother changed my tolerance for the things in my world that didn’t bring me joy. As I peered into innocent helpless eyes, waiting for me to step … More Wake Up Happy

Constipated Emotions

Gross topic. Not really. Our natural body functions keep us healthy. It’s when we’re out of sync that problems arise. Constipated. This title gives you a visual I hope and breaks it down without alot of  explaining.  Well it’s 2:15am, the time I would love to snore. I’m mean, really, in this season snoring is … More Constipated Emotions