Enemy-Stranger So Close

I thought I knew a person I once called friend.  I soon realized to know a person one must walk all types of paths.  The traveling journey becomes tedious and tumultuous when the paths are going in separate ways.  The friend I thought I  knew was ever so close but always really far.  As the … More Enemy-Stranger So Close


13 Weeks Ago

My life changed October 10th 2015 at 3:02am. I welcomed a little puffy eyed, red lipped screaming baby girl into my world. All before that day, life was different. I thought I understood unconditional love but she proved I hadn’t even scratched the surface of loving without judgements or limits. I thought I led the … More 13 Weeks Ago

Happy New Year!

We’re 19 days into it and already it seems like it’s zooming by so quickly. We must really take the time to enjoy every moment of everyday and smell the flowers along the way. This year, let’s make it all count and do more for ourselves to move forward in the plan we have set … More Happy New Year!

The Book is Here

After a long hiatus of blogging…. I’m back. Plus with the announcement of the long awaited book. It Only Hurts When I Can’t Run. I’ll be blogging about the book and it’s content. The book is intense. You will find it taking you through a flood of emotions. Feel free to send questions, comments, responses as … More The Book is Here

Embrace Life

Today marks 3 months since my mom died. This emptiness is real I deal with it but must live. My mom was prissy and loved the hair, nails, clothes perfume, shoes etc… (not make-up). I like it ALL but haven’t kept myself like I once did. So TODAY I think I’ll reintroduce some things into … More Embrace Life